Saturday, October 16, 2010

Okay so I OFFICALLY the worst blogger EVER

I think it has been a good 3 months since I have wrote anything at all, or even thought about having the time to write anything at all.
BUT- thats all going to change now, because yes I am going to start trying to at least blog 3 times a week. I really want to be able to share with everyone my girls season this year and also keep you all updated on how Cheer Moms is growing and growing!! We are now on or own site- which is pretty exciting. We are adding new things everyday and we have forums up right now also. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will be moving to an amazing new interative format and be able to offer our parents alot more.
So theres a start, I am going to write some more tonight with some updates on whats going on with Cheer Moms, but I figured I would at least get something up for now!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


So we have ALOT going on right now at Cheer Moms!!

~ We have been working on a directory of gyms, we would love to get as many gyms out there listed as possible. That way parents can go and search for gyms in an easy way! If you would like to have your gym listed- please email me at

~ Cheer Moms is going to start featuring a gym a gym each week, that way people can get to know the other gyms out there! If you are interested in having your gym featured then please send me an email explaining a little about your gym and why we should feature your gym!! You can email that info to

~ As always we are looking for more idea's and feedback for our sites- and always questions of the day to use!! You can either send your questions of the day or idea's and feedback to us on facebook or Ning- or to me at

Thanks again for all that you all do, our site would not be possible without all of you!!

*********** Also be watching for some very EXCITING new things that we are going to be rolling out in the next few days and weeks!!! ***********

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What do you do when child wants to quit?

So we are at a new crossroads in our house right now. Kate decided the other night that she is done with cheering allstar's. Pitched a fit about it and everything at 13. The first thing I told her was that she was out of luck, if she wants to quit then she needs to wait until the season is over- at our house we don't sign up for something and then quit. Then it went to, I don't know that I want to "quit" but that I just want to take sometime off and just tumble. So I still said, well your out of luck- your commited for the year.

Finally she explained to me the reason's why she wants to quit- they consist of basicly it's not fun anymore. This season our gym merged with a gymnastic's gym and moved 30 mins away. Alot of her friends parents just couldn't make the drive, and truthfully we havent been doing a whole lot of team bonding so these girls hardly talk to each other. I understand that. I also understand that I don't want to be that parent who is forcing their child to do anything! So after a long talk- that I have not had with her coach yet, I am going to let her take some time off. Gracie on the other wants nothing to do with taking time off, and so she will not be joining her sister in taking a break.

I guess when it comes right down to it, I am not going to force my child to do something that her heart is not in right now, and she hates doing. I am also not going to make her misrable. Plus I really think that she will back in a month and ready to go.

There are other issues as to why she is not wanting to do it, and well I am not going to post them on here because I don't want to upset anyone that might read this- but I do understand why she feels the way she does.

Do you all think that I am doing the right thing by letting her take some time off? Or should I make her stick it out?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Being Busy

Well it's been a pretty busy couple of weeks for me, I just wanted to make sure that I posted something today. Really I am trying to get to the point of where I am posting something EVERY day. But that hasn't been working out so well for

There are lots of updates and new things that we are doing with Cheer Moms- and I have a ton to write and very little time, so be looking for that to come out in the next couple of days!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a HUGE week for us at Cheer Moms!!

Wow, is about all I can say. We have had a huge week- almost at 3700 fans on facebook and slowly but surely we are getting to 400 on Ning!! Thats huge for us. Never did I think that this "project" of getting Moms together from all over would take off the way that it has- but it has and it look's as if we have no plans on slowing down anytime soon!!
Lisa and I are both working on getting some fantsasic people to partner with us, so that we can get you all the information out there possible!! I am super excited about the road that this is leading us all down, and the wonderful friendships that have started to form from our site!!
We also have not one, but two blogs with our name in it yesterday-
So that is super exciting for us!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

There will be no blogging today

Even though I have TONS to blog about- I am taking a sick day- really I am sick :(

Monday, June 21, 2010

Anyone else have a 13 year old that can't stand them

So the oldest is leaving this morning (already left actully) for church camp. That topic is for a whole other blog- cause I can tell you it's not the camp I went to as a So I post this super nice post on facebook and tag her and her two other friends and say something like I hope that you girls have a great week at the beach I will miss you alot. And I get hit back with a- Mom do you think you could stop commenting on my facebook, don't tag me in stuff, and comment on my status it's annoying!
So I am shocked for about 30 seconds, hurt for about 30 more, and then well I'm not going to lie I am pretty pissed. I am sure that there are kids out there that they wish there parents cared about them, cared about there day, wants to know whats going in in thier lives. But oh no, not my child. She just blew me off- and was nasty about it. And it's not like I am one of these parents that it "all up in her business" just a civil converstion once in awhile about how things are going, or a thanks Mom I am glad you care enough to ask. Or even a thanks for all you do for me, like running me to practice and being at all my games, and being at all my compations. Oh and basicly for being my biggest fan and cheering me on in everything I do.

TEENAGERS- Fun times!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I read a great blog yesterday and wanted to share it.

My wonderful friend Lisa writes a blog also- and the last one that school wrote was a great one for us Cheer Moms- I think it's even a great read if your not a Cheer Mom!!

So Wed night I am in the car, and running late to practice- god forbid I can't get my kids there ontime. This isn't a gym rule really - this is a me being a crazy cheer I am going as fast as I can, and well I kinda ran a red light- there was no cars coming, no police that I could see- and my baby needed to get to practice!! I imeditly thought of Lisa's post and laughed.
Needless to say, we were a whole 2 mins late and G had a wonderful practice. Even with her coach that she love being at the beach!!

I am super proud of my girls, it seems to me that the month of June has been something great for them, it's like something has changed in both of them. K is working her tumbling and is inches away from throwing her BHS on the floor- her jumps are higher this month and shes progressing so well. G is working on things, listening to her coaches ( she really like them all- but she is very attached to her one coach) and I think she is going to be more then ready for her ind next season and I am super excited for both of my girls!

It's like a breath of fresh air in our gym right now, the girls are progressing so fast and it's so positve for them!! They are happy, working together as a team and looking better then ever!!

We are so blessed to have a coaching staff at CCA that puts our children first, they are always there to support them no matter what. And I am very proud that my children are a part of that!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here's a Question on My Blog

I am posting a QOD over here on my Blog-

What is one thing that you could not live without at comp's- what makes it easier on you as a parent?

I am going to post a great post, but it will be later today :) I am trying to get a Newbie Parent's guide to comp season going- so your input will be great!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Why must people just hate on my Blog?

Okay, so here's my own personal question of the day- why must people hate on my blog? I do relise that I don't have a normal "Mommy" blog- and I also realise that people do have some intresting thoughts about cheerleading, esp "allstars" but hell I am still a good I am funny, and snarky and I come up with some good stuff. So why is it that I struggling to get readers, for real!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last week of school- All kinds of

So this is Kate's last week of school, we should have been done on the 9th. But since it snowed EVERY Friday for what now seems like weeks and weeks, they are not done until Friday.
It's been a pretty busy week for us, were moving, Kate had her final school tryout, Gracie got sick, now Kate's sick. So needless to say it has been an exciting
I don't care what anyone says, Moving is not fun. I would even go as far to just flat out say it sucks!! I hate it, and I hate having to do it. I think I have done just about everything I can to get out of moving- which brings me to my next point...
Gracie's coughing, so I take her to the Dr. And well she has strep AGAIN. Like I said, all kinds of fun at my house this Needless to say, I don't think that Gracie will be keeping her tonsill's much longer since this is the 2nd time in a month and a half that she has had it.
So now Kate is sick, and well she has missed 13 days of school- and you can miss 14- so I just found that today is day is day 14. I thought that she was on day 15, and well it would have just not been fun for my all A's student to fail, because she got sick during the last 2 days of school. Again- fun times.
School Tryouts went fine, Kate will be cheering football again this year- even though she said she didn't care, and was only trying out because I was "making" her- I think that shes happy that she made it because I know that she would have mad if she didn't.
So all in all it has been an eventful week at my house, that's why I haven't been writing and why I haven't been around!
I do have a question though for Moms of Middle schoolers that cheer, Do you guys have one tryout for the whole year, or do you have 2- one for football and one for basketball?

Friday, June 4, 2010

We had a really great QOD today on Cheer Moms!

How do people feel about favortism in their they feel it happens...doesn't happen. Whether it be in the forms of kids moving onto teams there not ready for but it seems to happen because of what there parent(s) do for the gym or perhaps within teams...maybe certain kids being treated greatly while others are treated not so fairly?

So I am going to answer this here on my blog, number one cause I think it's a wonderful question and can go many difrrent ways, and number two lets not all forget about the wonderful fact that I am not suppost to be on facebook from

I don't think that there is any need for favirtism. I know that it happens in some gym's- I am lucky that it really doesn't happen in ours. Our girls get moved up based on the needs of the team, their skills level, and generally who is going to be the best fit, and do the best job.
I would be upset as a parent if any kids, including my own where being treated any diffrent then others- rather is was in a good or bad way.
My own daughter went through this last season in a kinda diffrent way, she was asked to crossover to another team mid season. Because they needed a base, and because she could learn what she needed to in the time that she needed to learn to it. Which ended up being a week. Alot of girls, and even some parents got really upset that she was asked to "move up" even though her tumbling wasn't at the skill it needed to be at. And I can tell you first hand that it wasn't fun to deal with. But we delt with it, I ignored alot of it. I told Kate to ignore alot of it, and if it got bad for her to go to her coach about it. And well basicly she had earned her place to move up, and it was no one elses place to say anything to her or me about it. If they had questions or problems they could take that with the coach and she could explain it if she wanted too.

Happy Friday everyone!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So what do you think??

What do you think of the new blog makeover??

A huge Thanks to Christy- she did a great job :) You can check out her blog at-

Thanks again so much- I love it!!!

Facebook "likes" are at 3300 and Ning Members at 300!!

WOW!!! I am super excited about this, I would have never thought that this was something that would be able to go this far- and it's only continuing to grow. Which I just think is amazing!! I am enjoying so much learning about other programs, and getting to know all of the wonderful parents that have become a part of this wonderful group!!

On a personal note- today is Day 2 of Kates School Tryouts, yesterday I guess went okay. I didn't really get any info out of her, it's funny that once they turn about 12-13 they don't really want to talk to you unless they need something. So now she is talking to me this morning, because appartently her Cheer Shoes are at the house and she "needs" me to bring them to her. So now I am the best mom ever. As soon as she gets her shoes, I will go back to just being a pain I am


If your not on those sites- you should be!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wow and it just keeps getting better from work

So not only have they taken my facebook away, but now it has been brought to my attention that I am on the web just way to much. Now I know that ALOT of place have no internet policy. But in the mornings we are so slow, so it's okay to read the paper, or read a book, but not okay for me to be online. I spend a good part of my day getting yelled at by not so happy customers, the least that I can do is blog, or post on facebook, or be on Ning when we are not busy. I take more calls and do more training then anyone in here.
Sorry for my rant- but I had to get it

On a plus note today is Kate's 1st day of tryouts for school :) I am sure that she will be just fine! But still want to wish her lots and lots of luck- they have them today and tomorrow and then the official tryout on Monday!!

Oh and I will be posting again today- I have a wonderful girl doing a makeover on my blog and of course I will want to know what you think!!

I think I just need some good thoughts today :) :) Plus we are still waiting on some big Cheer Moms news!!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

School Tryouts Week!!

Well here we are back for another fun filled week, I can honestly say that coming to work this morning was not as enjoyable as it has been with the whole “facebook” ban. I blame on me missing alot of chance to work on Cheer Moms- but who am I kidding I am really just pissed that I can’t get on my
Anyways, back to the cheer talk. We are on a week break from all-stars, so of course that means that we have something cheer going on anyways because this is the week of school tryouts. It really took Kate up until the last minute to decide if she was going to do it this year, mainly because of one conflict that she had with all-stars last year. I told her it would be stupid for her to not cheer her 8th grade year, since she if she makes it will be one of the only one’s that has cheered both years. Now watch her not make it after me telling her that- she would be so mad!! But I think that she will. She try’s out on Wed and Thursday and then the final tryout is on Monday. So we should know Monday night- cause they start practicing on Tuesday. Can you say fun times
All in all I think that she’s excited about it, and I think she just wanted the chance to drive me a little bit
I have some all-star news at the gym that I would like to blog about, but I don’t think that Iam ready to do that just yet. I don’t think its something that I can talk about in a very nice way. But it is something that I do want to talk about, just not yet. So watch for that to be coming in the next day or so, maybe even hours.
How many of you have children that are getting ready to try or for school, or have already tried out and how did it go?
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

New Things that I am doing with this Blog

Since we have so many things going on right now with Cheer Moms as a whole, and I do have Mom’s that want to blog, I think that I am going to have them blog on their own blog, and link up with this one.
After doing alot of thinking I was kinda thinking that I am going to be making this more my “personal” blog, my personal experience with cheerleading. How it effect’s my children, and my family and my thought on things. I thought it would be really neat if we had a few Mom’s that were will to do the same thing. That way we could all share what’s going on with us, our kids, our lives and how we feel about different topic’s.
I am still planning on doing review’s on things, and stuff like that I just thought it would be really neat if we had a couple of us doing the same thing, but somehow all linked together- because I know what everyone deals with is different!!
Let me know what you all think about this idea, I know that it’s seems like we are rolling out something new or changing something all the time- but keep in mind that this is all so new. Heck I have never run a website before- and I never thought that we were going to take off the way that we did- and I am so happy that we have
Also if you have a blog already and you would like me to add your link- please let me know!!

Updates, Updates, Updates

Okay so since the Facebook updates that we can send as a message absolutely SUCK- I am putting our updates on the blog, cause we have ALOT going on right now!!
~ We are having a great giveaway right now-” you might have to scroll down the page, because alot has been added!!
~Facebook is getting more active by the day, of course we still need more people on there, and for you parents to jump in there and be active
~ We also have a great site on Ning that is growing by leaps and bounds!! Go over there and join and get involved we have a great group of parents over there!!
~ We REALLY need businesses and cheer company’s to get in touch with us- We are going to be launching every every good prices on Ad’s in the very near future, and we need to do this to keep everything running And when I say good prices I mean REALLY good prices!! Don’t forget that parents do buy ALOT of stuff for cheer!!!
~ And we will soon have shirts with our logo on it So being looking for that to launch too!!!
~ This will be the last thing that I ask for…lol And that is PLEASE PLEASE sign up for email updates for this blog, you might be missing important info on it, plus in order for me to upgrade this acct, I need to see that people are reading it- cause it does cost me to upgrade and I really want to if people are reading it
Thanks Again so Much for all that you girls do~Nikki

Review for CHEERography

Customer review for CHEERography LLC:
As co-owner of Gymnastics & Cheer World, along with program director of Cheer World, I am pleased in continuing to do business with CHEERography. This will be our 4th season using their choreography services for all of our teams. From their first year were it was just co-founders Pat Fogarty & Paul Cascioli, to now with their growing staff of experienced choreographers, they have always delivered affordable & innovative work. They create the routines with room for skill level to grow and the routine does NOT need major changes. We are also excited for their new program, Camp Rai$ing, were they will host a youth cheer clinic as a fundraiser for our gym! I’ve lived through the horror stories of choreographers not showing up, or not delivering a professional product. All of CHEERography’s staff works great with the kids & are always on time and on schedule. I would give my recommendation to ANY team! CHEERography has gone above and beyond my expectations!
-AJ Ganim
-AJ Ganim
I received this review, and personally have heard great things about their program and company.
Email is-

Head 2 Toe Cheer!

So here’s my first review-
So as a Mom of a cheerleader, 2 cheerleaders in fact it seems like I am always looking for something. Shoes, hairbows, shorts, shirts, you name it. So when I find a company that I really like, I like to share that with everyone else!!
Last season we needed to find a pair of Nike Sidelines for my 5 year old, because even though she didn’t “need” them for her team, any white cheerleading shoe would work- she just had to “have” the sidelines because that’s what the older girls had. So I couldn’t find them anywhere, and when I contacted Chris she went to make sure that she had them in stock, emailed me back to tell me they had them and then I had them at my door 2 days later!! So I was impressed at that point.
Then our gym was looking for Bling shirts, and I thought that I would contact Head 2 Toe Cheer, because of the great service that I had gotten before- so of course I got wonderful service again and a wonderful product. It’s defintitly worth checking them out!!
Here a pic of our new Bling Shirts- I LOVE THEM!!!

Moving Back to Here

I think that I am going to be moving back to here from wordpress. So I will be adding alot of posts from over there. Sorry for all the trouble.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tryouts- Placements-Evaluations

It seems like every gym has a different name for them, tryouts, placements, evaluations...LOL But it seems to me that the end result is all the same. The gym that my daughter's cheer at everyone makes a team. Last year they had 3 teams- Tiny's, Juniors, and Seniors. This season we are going to be adding a Youth team!
My girls really were not that nervous about tryout's this year. I think mostly after being out of the gym for a week they were more excited to go and see their coach's and friends then anything else. Yes, my oldest daughter was asking me every 10-20 minutes if her coach had texted me with what team she was going to be on, but she also knew that she was going to on A team, so it was more that she wanted to know WHAT team!
Now this is her 3rd season, her very 1st tryout was way different than this years. At her 1st one, she went into a gym with a bunch of girls that already knew each other, and she had never cheered before. She was terrified, but she still wanted to cheer. She thought that it was fun, and everyone was really nice. The 1st week of practice was a TOTALLY different story, she hated it. She couldn't do what most of the other girls were doing, and she wanted to quit. Me being the mean Mother that I am told her that she was out of luck, that she was committed for the season and I asked her quite a few times before she was committed if she was sure that is what she wanted to do- all time's answered with a yes! So she was going to finish it out, and if she didn't want to go back the next year she didn't have too.
Well a month into it, she loved it! Sure she had alot to learn, and was way behind girls that had been there for years, but she was doing it. Last season when it came time for tryout's there was no question that she was doing it, even though she might complain about practice, and the amount of time that she spends at the gym shes committed to the gym, to her team, her friends, and her coaches! This season when it came time for tryout's it really was just another day- she's used to cheering, being at the gym and whats expected of her.
Both of my girls are lucky to be part of a great program that puts the children above everything else, and as a parent that's something that I think is important. It's great to win, but I would rather my girls learn that you can't win every time, sometimes even when you do your best it doesn't work out like that. And I am lucky that my girls have coach's that are not just focused on that!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cheer Tryouts


Our gym is holding our tryouts on May 2nd and 3rd. My daughter is real excited about trying out again for the gym she was asked at the end of the season to do the Senior Level 5 team and tried out and made the team. So she is so excited about this year because she had a mental block for 2 years she was in private lessons and got her tumbling and then she ended up with a mental block. Since my daughter made that team last season at the end she got all of her tumbling back and is not scared to further her skill.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hello friends!
I have the privilege of being a cheer mom AND owning the gym in which my girls cheer. I have owned Powerhouse Athletics in Southern IL ( for 4 years. We are a newer gym with only about 100 kids, but we are growing steadily. My youngest daughter who just turned 5 will be on our Tiny team this year (Embers) and my older daughter who is 8 will be on our Youth team (Blaze). My oldest daughter will also be on our Youth dance team, Rubies.
In addition to owning and coaching at a gym, I also judge internationally for many various cheer companies, including AC, WCA, USA, WSF, US Finals, Cheer Expo (Canada), Halifax Elite (Canada), ICC (England/US), Coastal Corp., CSG and several others. I am also a certifier for NCSSE.
I am excited to be asked to admin for this blog, as I think cheer moms can give their children the best experience possible the more information they have.
Unfortunatly, many gyms do NOT offer a good experience for their athletes. I have seen first-hand the damage it can do to young athletes to be involved in a negative program. I know because MY gym fell victim to the drama and chaos last year. We got an influx of negative parents who were bent on destorying the gym. We also had some coaches in place that were NOT good for our athletes. I made the decision to tear down my program to almost ZERO and start over. That was the only way to save it. AND IT WORKED! My gym is now drama free and a positive learning environment for our athletes! And we all love being there! A good quality gym should have these qualities (and all parents looking for a gym should checkmark these!!):

1. GOOD ENERGY (No drama or negativity floating around).
2. A QUALITY FACILITY (A facility should be large enough for athletes to train safely and effectively and current and well-functioning equipment should be part of their training regimen).
3. QUALIFIED COACHES (It's not enough that a coach cheered, danced or tumbled themselves. This a GOOD coach does not make! Coaches should have an indepth understanding of the sport and skills required AND be a good motivator and communicator.)
4. SAFETY FIRST (The gym should follow proper progressions and not skill-jump just to attain a wanted skill. Skill jumping is SUPER common but cripples progressions badly! For example, gyms will try and teach a back handspring before the child has a solid, hollow handstand).
5. COMBINATION OF FUN AND WORK (It's not enough to focus on fun, nor is it enough to focus solely on work. Kids need to learn to have fun while working... this is the key. Many coaches fail in this area and focus heavily on one versus the other).
6. PARENTAL EDUCATION (making your parents aware and educated is key to your gym's success. It will instill loyalty from them if they feel they are educated and their expectations are being met).

This is the basis for my new and current formula. So far it is working wonderfully and my gym is growing and prospering. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about anything cheer related! E-mail:

Friday, April 2, 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Big Lesson

When I first read that Cheer Mom was looking for guest bloggers, I started thinking about my experiences with cheerleaders. I was on a pom squad in the 7th grade & was a cheerleader in the 8th grade, but I never quite understood their importance. To me, a cheerleader was just some girl who put on a cute outfit & stood around at football games. Fast forward to my senior year of high school & I’m standing in a packed gym during a home senior girls basketball game where I’m about to shoot free throws that could potentially win me a state championship. There were our cheerleaders & dance team, always the steady leaders of spirit in the gym. Little did I give their importance recognition.

When I was in high school, our Dance Cats (our school mascot was the Lions) & Cheerleaders were the heart of our games & our ball team was the soul. While most people file out of a game at half time to go venture out to the concession stand, our fans stayed in their seats, glued to their spots for fear of missing our state champion dancers & cheerleaders. Heck, people who didn’t even watch basketball came to those games just to watch our girls & guys do their thing (we had some awesome guy back flippers!) They brought the spunk, the fire, & the thrill of the competition to that gym every halftime. And I often just shrugged them off as the girls who were silly & wannabe athletes.

Fast forward to my days of being a college athlete & yet again there are the cheerleaders standing under the goal, but something was lacking & they were often a joke around campus. They just didn’t have a clue about how to bring in the crowds, to get us moving, to get the fans going, to get everyone excited about the game. They weren’t vibrant or full of the spirit & let’s face it, the “cheer” that I was so accustomed to during my high school days. It was then I fully understood the great, great importance of cheerleaders & dance teams that I had always taken for granted. I realized that they were a crucial element to bringing the gymnasium alive. It wasn’t until college that I realized a good ball game has so many more elements than the ballplayers & points on the board; it requires the heart of the game, the cheerleaders & dance teams (fellow athletes I might add!), to be there as well.

In high school, I went on to win 2 state championships, had fans that literally travelled with us around the US to watch us play & watch our squads cheer & dance. Basketball players + Fans + Cheerleaders+ Dance Squad= A great basketball game! I never quite understood that I was so in love with basketball games not only because I loved ball, but I loved the atmosphere that had so much more to do with cheering than I ever knew! I often think about the high school dance & cheer captain, Samantha Joy & Ashley Cherish. I think about how they were underestimated & taken for granted. They will never, ever know how much I sorely missed them while I was a collegiate ball player. Our halftimes were literally a YAWN, our stands were empty & so friggin’ boring!

To all the girls & guys out there who are cheering & may get discouraged: Remember that you are the heart of those games, winning or losing, you are just as important an element as the ball players at those games. I wouldn’t have gotten rid of our girls & guys for anything. I wish that I could go back to my 10th, 11th, & 12th grade years & just watch myself play ball, watch our halftime show one more time, & tell my high school self to thank our squads for all their two a day practices, hard work & sweat. So, in order to not take another generation of cheerleaders for granted, I’ll thank you!

And I’ll Thank all the Moms & Dads who get their kids to practice, they are also the unsung heroes of those games as well!

Visit Kate at Mommy Monologues: My life as a Domestic Diva

Hello Fellow Cheer Moms

Thank you so much for asking me to be part of this very fun & exciting FB group for Cheer Moms from across the globe to meet and discuss our passion.....Our kids and cheerleading :)
I have been involved in Cheer for 6 years now. My daughter is 10 years old and cheering since she was 4. We have found it to be such a positive environment for maturing and growing up in a crazy world. Within our club - the Cheer Sport Sharks in Cambridge, Ont. Canada I am part of a group of Team Cheer Moms. Each team has a parent Cheer Mom that is "assigned" to a team that their athlete is a part of. I am the Coordinator and we find that this system is so beneficial within our gym. These volunteers help the coaches, owners and parents to communicate valuable information, assist in fundraisers & plan team bonding.
Does anyone else use this or a similar system within their gym?
If you do how does yours operate? What would you change?




I am so glad that I was considered to this blog! I am a cheermom of an allstar cheerleader. I love cheerleading compeitions! We just finished our last compition for the season last weekend, and my daughter cheers for 2 teams she cheers for Junior level 2 and Senior level 5. Our Juniors finished 2nd place and our Seniors placed 1st. We are gettting ready for our banquet and tryouts again! I can't wait! We just also did Cheersport Nationals in Atlanta, GA this was our first year ever going there. I really enjoyed that compition our Juniors finished 4th which was really good for the first time being there and our Seniors placed 1st! Which is awesome. Our Juniors won the Jamfest Supernationals this year for the first time. I would like to know which competition is your favorite or had good times at?

Friday, March 26, 2010

I am super excited- Thanks everyone!

WOW- I was aiming for 100 followers on Facebook by April 1st. Last night we were at 135!! Thanks to everyone for getting the word out :) Keep it up!!

Right now I am getting ready to post the 1st review on here- it should be up by tomorrow. I am also looking for someone to be a guest writer, I would love to find someone who is still competing for the season to do a review on the next comp that go to. I love the idea of doing comp reviews- sometimes when you go you have no idea what to expect!! What do you guys think?

I would really like to get a "team" of writers, if you think that you would be interested please send me a message on Facebook. I want this to be a community of Mom's- not just all what I think about things! So let me know!!

Thanks again to everyone for getting the word out- I think this is going to end up being a great thing!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Here's my 1st Post!

I guess with my first post I should really state why I am doing this, and what I am hoping to accomplish. I have girls that cheer, and I am sure if you are a Cheer Mom you know that it can keep you very busy!!

Well it seems like whenever I am looking for something- rather it be bows, or idea’s for comp bags for the girls, or anything I have to go to 20 different sites to find what I am looking for. Then if it’s not from a company that I normally use I have to wonder how good they are- so I am trying this out. I want to see how many followers I can get on my blog, how many fans on Facebook and then look into launching a website- were all this “stuff” that I am looking for is all together. I am sure I am not the only one with this problem!

Plus I thought this would be a really good way to share idea’s with other Moms. I think something that would be really neat for the Mom’s that have girls that cheer All Stars, would be to have Mom’s review compatisons!!!

Also if you have a blog, about anything let me know. I would love to be able to link to you!!!!

So hang in there with me, tell your friends!!!