Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wow and it just keeps getting better from work

So not only have they taken my facebook away, but now it has been brought to my attention that I am on the web just way to much. Now I know that ALOT of place have no internet policy. But in the mornings we are so slow, so it's okay to read the paper, or read a book, but not okay for me to be online. I spend a good part of my day getting yelled at by not so happy customers, the least that I can do is blog, or post on facebook, or be on Ning when we are not busy. I take more calls and do more training then anyone in here.
Sorry for my rant- but I had to get it

On a plus note today is Kate's 1st day of tryouts for school :) I am sure that she will be just fine! But still want to wish her lots and lots of luck- they have them today and tomorrow and then the official tryout on Monday!!

Oh and I will be posting again today- I have a wonderful girl doing a makeover on my blog and of course I will want to know what you think!!

I think I just need some good thoughts today :) :) Plus we are still waiting on some big Cheer Moms news!!!


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