Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates

Okay so since the Facebook updates that we can send as a message absolutely SUCK- I am putting our updates on the blog, cause we have ALOT going on right now!!
~ We are having a great giveaway right now- www.facebook.com/cheermoms” you might have to scroll down the page, because alot has been added!!
~Facebook is getting more active by the day, of course we still need more people on there, and for you parents to jump in there and be active
~ We also have a great site on Ning that is growing by leaps and bounds!! http://cheermomdiva.ning.com/ Go over there and join and get involved we have a great group of parents over there!!
~ We REALLY need businesses and cheer company’s to get in touch with us- cheermomdiva@hotmail.com We are going to be launching every every good prices on Ad’s in the very near future, and we need to do this to keep everything running And when I say good prices I mean REALLY good prices!! Don’t forget that parents do buy ALOT of stuff for cheer!!!
~ And we will soon have shirts with our logo on it So being looking for that to launch too!!!
~ This will be the last thing that I ask for…lol And that is PLEASE PLEASE sign up for email updates for this blog, you might be missing important info on it, plus in order for me to upgrade this acct, I need to see that people are reading it- cause it does cost me to upgrade and I really want to if people are reading it
Thanks Again so Much for all that you girls do~Nikki

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