Thursday, June 3, 2010

Facebook "likes" are at 3300 and Ning Members at 300!!

WOW!!! I am super excited about this, I would have never thought that this was something that would be able to go this far- and it's only continuing to grow. Which I just think is amazing!! I am enjoying so much learning about other programs, and getting to know all of the wonderful parents that have become a part of this wonderful group!!

On a personal note- today is Day 2 of Kates School Tryouts, yesterday I guess went okay. I didn't really get any info out of her, it's funny that once they turn about 12-13 they don't really want to talk to you unless they need something. So now she is talking to me this morning, because appartently her Cheer Shoes are at the house and she "needs" me to bring them to her. So now I am the best mom ever. As soon as she gets her shoes, I will go back to just being a pain I am


If your not on those sites- you should be!!

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