Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Head 2 Toe Cheer!

So here’s my first review-
So as a Mom of a cheerleader, 2 cheerleaders in fact it seems like I am always looking for something. Shoes, hairbows, shorts, shirts, you name it. So when I find a company that I really like, I like to share that with everyone else!!
Last season we needed to find a pair of Nike Sidelines for my 5 year old, because even though she didn’t “need” them for her team, any white cheerleading shoe would work- she just had to “have” the sidelines because that’s what the older girls had. So I couldn’t find them anywhere, and when I contacted Chris she went to make sure that she had them in stock, emailed me back to tell me they had them and then I had them at my door 2 days later!! So I was impressed at that point.
Then our gym was looking for Bling shirts, and I thought that I would contact Head 2 Toe Cheer, because of the great service that I had gotten before- so of course I got wonderful service again and a wonderful product. It’s defintitly worth checking them out!!
Here a pic of our new Bling Shirts- I LOVE THEM!!!

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