Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Things that I am doing with this Blog

Since we have so many things going on right now with Cheer Moms as a whole, and I do have Mom’s that want to blog, I think that I am going to have them blog on their own blog, and link up with this one.
After doing alot of thinking I was kinda thinking that I am going to be making this more my “personal” blog, my personal experience with cheerleading. How it effect’s my children, and my family and my thought on things. I thought it would be really neat if we had a few Mom’s that were will to do the same thing. That way we could all share what’s going on with us, our kids, our lives and how we feel about different topic’s.
I am still planning on doing review’s on things, and stuff like that I just thought it would be really neat if we had a couple of us doing the same thing, but somehow all linked together- because I know what everyone deals with is different!!
Let me know what you all think about this idea, I know that it’s seems like we are rolling out something new or changing something all the time- but keep in mind that this is all so new. Heck I have never run a website before- and I never thought that we were going to take off the way that we did- and I am so happy that we have
Also if you have a blog already and you would like me to add your link- please let me know!!

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