Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a HUGE week for us at Cheer Moms!!

Wow, is about all I can say. We have had a huge week- almost at 3700 fans on facebook and slowly but surely we are getting to 400 on Ning!! Thats huge for us. Never did I think that this "project" of getting Moms together from all over would take off the way that it has- but it has and it look's as if we have no plans on slowing down anytime soon!!
Lisa and I are both working on getting some fantsasic people to partner with us, so that we can get you all the information out there possible!! I am super excited about the road that this is leading us all down, and the wonderful friendships that have started to form from our site!!
We also have not one, but two blogs with our name in it yesterday-
So that is super exciting for us!!

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