Tuesday, June 1, 2010

School Tryouts Week!!

Well here we are back for another fun filled week, I can honestly say that coming to work this morning was not as enjoyable as it has been with the whole “facebook” ban. I blame on me missing alot of chance to work on Cheer Moms- but who am I kidding I am really just pissed that I can’t get on my farmville..lol
Anyways, back to the cheer talk. We are on a week break from all-stars, so of course that means that we have something cheer going on anyways because this is the week of school tryouts. It really took Kate up until the last minute to decide if she was going to do it this year, mainly because of one conflict that she had with all-stars last year. I told her it would be stupid for her to not cheer her 8th grade year, since she if she makes it will be one of the only one’s that has cheered both years. Now watch her not make it after me telling her that- she would be so mad!! But I think that she will. She try’s out on Wed and Thursday and then the final tryout is on Monday. So we should know Monday night- cause they start practicing on Tuesday. Can you say fun times
All in all I think that she’s excited about it, and I think she just wanted the chance to drive me a little bit crazy..lol
I have some all-star news at the gym that I would like to blog about, but I don’t think that Iam ready to do that just yet. I don’t think its something that I can talk about in a very nice way. But it is something that I do want to talk about, just not yet. So watch for that to be coming in the next day or so, maybe even hours.
How many of you have children that are getting ready to try or for school, or have already tried out and how did it go?
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!!!

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