Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last week of school- All kinds of

So this is Kate's last week of school, we should have been done on the 9th. But since it snowed EVERY Friday for what now seems like weeks and weeks, they are not done until Friday.
It's been a pretty busy week for us, were moving, Kate had her final school tryout, Gracie got sick, now Kate's sick. So needless to say it has been an exciting
I don't care what anyone says, Moving is not fun. I would even go as far to just flat out say it sucks!! I hate it, and I hate having to do it. I think I have done just about everything I can to get out of moving- which brings me to my next point...
Gracie's coughing, so I take her to the Dr. And well she has strep AGAIN. Like I said, all kinds of fun at my house this Needless to say, I don't think that Gracie will be keeping her tonsill's much longer since this is the 2nd time in a month and a half that she has had it.
So now Kate is sick, and well she has missed 13 days of school- and you can miss 14- so I just found that today is day is day 14. I thought that she was on day 15, and well it would have just not been fun for my all A's student to fail, because she got sick during the last 2 days of school. Again- fun times.
School Tryouts went fine, Kate will be cheering football again this year- even though she said she didn't care, and was only trying out because I was "making" her- I think that shes happy that she made it because I know that she would have mad if she didn't.
So all in all it has been an eventful week at my house, that's why I haven't been writing and why I haven't been around!
I do have a question though for Moms of Middle schoolers that cheer, Do you guys have one tryout for the whole year, or do you have 2- one for football and one for basketball?

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