About me!!!

I am a Mom of 2 wonderful girls, Kate and Gracie. Kate is 13 and has been cheering now for going on 3 years, Gracie is 5 and is going on year 2. If you can’t tell Cheer takes up ALOT of our time. Which is fine because it’s something that my girls and I both love. Kate is a all A’s Honor’s Student, and also cheer’s for her school. Gracie is going to be starting kindergarten in just a few months and I am really excited about that. As you can probley tell I am a very proud Mama!!

On top of being a Mom, I am engaged to a wonderful man that I have been with for the last 7 years. We are planning a wedding for late summer early fall, so that has been being so close we have alot of planning to do!!

I work full time doing training for the company that I work for, which is a job that sometimes I love and sometimes I hate..lol But I think is the way with most jobs!!

Also I started a site for Cheer Mom’s – which has turned into a site for all cheer parents, grandparents, and we even have some coaches!! That site is growing by leaps and bounds everyday and now I have a wonderful new friend who is now my co- founder, who I could not run this without her!! She will have a blog of her own up soon too!!



I am also now a Mom Blogger for Cheer Channel which should be launching any day now, and I am super excited about that. www.cheerchannel.com

So that’s about it about me, if you have any ideas for either site, please let me know!!!