Wednesday, March 31, 2010



I am so glad that I was considered to this blog! I am a cheermom of an allstar cheerleader. I love cheerleading compeitions! We just finished our last compition for the season last weekend, and my daughter cheers for 2 teams she cheers for Junior level 2 and Senior level 5. Our Juniors finished 2nd place and our Seniors placed 1st. We are gettting ready for our banquet and tryouts again! I can't wait! We just also did Cheersport Nationals in Atlanta, GA this was our first year ever going there. I really enjoyed that compition our Juniors finished 4th which was really good for the first time being there and our Seniors placed 1st! Which is awesome. Our Juniors won the Jamfest Supernationals this year for the first time. I would like to know which competition is your favorite or had good times at?

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  1. My oldest was on a Junior 2 and Senior 3 last season and my youngest was on Tiny 1.
    We did 9 comp's this year, and 3 of them were 2 days- so it was a busy season.
    I think my favorite of the year was America's Best- my youngest won her 1st national championship :) And my oldest came in 3rd with junior's and senior's. But the junior team had ALOT of problems on day 2, and I was very proud of how the girls pulled together and instead of it bringing them down they still came in 3rd out 5th. Personally I feel that it's not all about them winning everytime, if you are 1st everytime then what are you learning?