Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello Fellow Cheer Moms

Thank you so much for asking me to be part of this very fun & exciting FB group for Cheer Moms from across the globe to meet and discuss our passion.....Our kids and cheerleading :)
I have been involved in Cheer for 6 years now. My daughter is 10 years old and cheering since she was 4. We have found it to be such a positive environment for maturing and growing up in a crazy world. Within our club - the Cheer Sport Sharks in Cambridge, Ont. Canada I am part of a group of Team Cheer Moms. Each team has a parent Cheer Mom that is "assigned" to a team that their athlete is a part of. I am the Coordinator and we find that this system is so beneficial within our gym. These volunteers help the coaches, owners and parents to communicate valuable information, assist in fundraisers & plan team bonding.
Does anyone else use this or a similar system within their gym?
If you do how does yours operate? What would you change?



  1. Our gym is almost the same. We have a team that takes care of our fundraisers,etc. We have people that donate their own time to help out parents, coaches, gym owner. They are a great help and very much appreciated. What type of fundraisers do you all do?

  2. Right now we are not using a system like that, last year we spent ALOT of time talking about that would be the best way to go in the future.
    It's hard when you have one group of parents that is doing it all, for everyteam!!
    For fundraising we normally do Car Washes- this year we are looking to do some more stuff though!!

  3. We do bake sales at the local walmart, and We are in Kentucky so we do get to do the Kentucky Derby which is really nice. That fundraiser helps alot. We have also done Butterbraids they sell very well. Last year my husband was able to fundraise everything including gym dues except a few hundred dollars. The cost for our daughter to cheer is very little with all the fundraising we do.

  4. I also wanted to add about the team bonding with our girls last season we did big sister and little sister with our girls. Our Junior team has alot of different ages on that team so we did this for team bonding and it really worked for us. I'm hoping they do that again this year.