Monday, June 21, 2010

Anyone else have a 13 year old that can't stand them

So the oldest is leaving this morning (already left actully) for church camp. That topic is for a whole other blog- cause I can tell you it's not the camp I went to as a So I post this super nice post on facebook and tag her and her two other friends and say something like I hope that you girls have a great week at the beach I will miss you alot. And I get hit back with a- Mom do you think you could stop commenting on my facebook, don't tag me in stuff, and comment on my status it's annoying!
So I am shocked for about 30 seconds, hurt for about 30 more, and then well I'm not going to lie I am pretty pissed. I am sure that there are kids out there that they wish there parents cared about them, cared about there day, wants to know whats going in in thier lives. But oh no, not my child. She just blew me off- and was nasty about it. And it's not like I am one of these parents that it "all up in her business" just a civil converstion once in awhile about how things are going, or a thanks Mom I am glad you care enough to ask. Or even a thanks for all you do for me, like running me to practice and being at all my games, and being at all my compations. Oh and basicly for being my biggest fan and cheering me on in everything I do.

TEENAGERS- Fun times!!!


  1. LOL! I so understand that one! My son is 16 and my daughter will be 18 next month. The stories I could tell! How I miss the days I could pop them in the playpen and just "take five!"
    My motto is "when they are little, you get babysitters to protect them from others; when they are teenagers, you get babysitters to protect them from themselves!"

    I'll be following along to see what else is new in your life...would love for you to stop by my page! My blog is new, but my next post will be about my daughter and her new piercing apprenticeship! lol

    I look forward to connecting with you!!


  2. Thanks so much!! I will be stoping by and checking out your blog!!