Sunday, July 11, 2010


So we have ALOT going on right now at Cheer Moms!!

~ We have been working on a directory of gyms, we would love to get as many gyms out there listed as possible. That way parents can go and search for gyms in an easy way! If you would like to have your gym listed- please email me at

~ Cheer Moms is going to start featuring a gym a gym each week, that way people can get to know the other gyms out there! If you are interested in having your gym featured then please send me an email explaining a little about your gym and why we should feature your gym!! You can email that info to

~ As always we are looking for more idea's and feedback for our sites- and always questions of the day to use!! You can either send your questions of the day or idea's and feedback to us on facebook or Ning- or to me at

Thanks again for all that you all do, our site would not be possible without all of you!!

*********** Also be watching for some very EXCITING new things that we are going to be rolling out in the next few days and weeks!!! ***********

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